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Hi everybody :-)


Just recently arrived in the amazing world of Apple computers and peripherials

I was amazed of how easy and smooth the transition from windows to OS X was.


I had heard a lot about the Time Capsule and its ability to perform set-and-forget

backups so i bought one for my new macbook pro. At the store i was told that i could

actually use the TimeCapsule for storage of pictures, documents etc. by partitioning

the 2TB disk into two 1TB partitions....but, and here's where i am in quite a fix and I

hope that somebody in this forum might be able to help med, I can not figure out

how to partition the TimeCapsule.


I saw a video on YouTube explaining one way to do it, but that was very tricky and

you had to do quite a lot of manual labour to make it happen..


So here's my question..


Is it possible to partition the 2TB harddrive in my TimeCapsule, and if so - is there a

pretty effortless way to do this??

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • LaPastenague Level 8 (48,822 points)

    The TC cannot be partitioned and the store who told you it could are liars.


    You can create a disk image..


    See Q3 here. http://pondini.org/TM/Time_Capsule.html


    It is not hard just labourous.. takes ages.


    The TC is an extremely unsafe place to store files.. it has no means to back itself up.. And Time Machine which is the brains is on the computer, it cannot backup network drives.. DO NOT STORE FILES ONLY ON THE TC. One day you will corrupt and lose the lot.


    TC is a backup device for Time Machine.

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    Thanks a lot for your swift reply


    Allthough I feel a bit put off by the fact that the store apparently did not know

    what they were talking about I still love my TC for its ability to perform backup

    in a quite unique way.


    So for storage of pictures, video etc. I will go get a "normal" external harddrive.


    In your oppinion, is there a "best choice" for such a drive? I think i read somewhere

    that it is possible to have an external drive that does not need a power supply but could

    only with the USB connector

  • Allan Eckert Level 9 (50,709 points)

    I would suggest that you not use a bus powered external.


    I suggest that you get one with a power brick.


    I would swtart my search for an external disk drive at macsales.com.



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    If your computer has a high power USB port yes, it might work.. it still puts a strain on the computer. Particularly laptops and will drain the battery super fast. So think about it.


    You can get a 2.5" drive if you only want a disk up to 1TB. Over that size you need 3.5" disks.


    If you have USB3 they are cheapest and best value for money speed wise.. USB2 are much worse than FW800 which is still a good bus but being phased out.. thunderbolt is fastest and will cost you an arm and a leg plus the bits in between.

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    Thanks Allan


    I will have a look at macsales

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    Again thanks very much for your reply


    I am pretty sure my new Macbook pro has USB3 ports so I will see what comes up.


    The thunderbolt port is already occupied by my external Apple display so unless such a

    thing as a Thunberbolt hub is available I will go for the USB3 harddrive

  • LaPastenague Level 8 (48,822 points)

    Yes, there are such things.. but the cost to speed advantage of thunderbolt is poor.. in other words you will pay a lot for every little.


    Doesn't the apple display have a few more ports on it??

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    Oh yes...you are absolutely right there is an additional Thunderbolt port on the display it self .


    Thank you once again...this solved my issue and you made my day.


    Best regards from the snowcovered and deep frozen kingdom of Denmark