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I am a LiveCode developer on Windows. Playing QT videos, requires QT to be installed. LiveCode has a build in function to check if QT is installed. If QT is not installed I ask the user to install QT first. Usually this works without any problems. But from time to time I have a customer, where after the user has installed QT (yes, as admin, with anti virus off, deinstalled and reinstalled, etc.) my program crashes. This happens on all version from 32Bit XP to 64Bit Win7. It is a very seldom issue, but at these customers it is persistent at every start, so they can't use my program.

Obviosly on these computes any file / requirement for QT is missing / corrupted or any other software / driver causes the conflict. What I am looking for are the (windows) requirements for QT I could check for or I could tell my customers to check for? I don't mean the "official" requirements, but more under the hood. Somebody with a windows "K" version, he tried to reinstall the windows media player without success, but after installing the VLC player suddenly QT didn't crashed anymore and worked like a charm. So obviosly the VLC player installed anything, QT is relying on.

Any hints to look for? any experiences?



Windows 7
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    yes QT is a diva on win7. It's much more complicated than reinstall it. At first I would try to set video to save (gdi mode) in the QT system preferences (extended tab). A wrong setting at this even let the browser crash during QT playback. Second I would check that the needed file extension for your program e.g. .mov is linked to QT. That's what VLC has done to the described win "k" system, not directly but it checks for proper media file linking during installation and repair it if needed. WMP and some other players grap the QT file formats e.g. .mov but can't play some of it because it's only a container and they haven't the appropriate codec to play the content.



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    Hi Matthias,

    thanks for this hint, I will give it a try at next issue. I didn't knew this option before, very helpful!