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I just downloaded itunes to a new laptop and started o transfer some music from my PC. I just noticed however, I have no menu to the left of my itunes library. I've never not seen it there and can't find a way to bring it up. No playlist, no devices. Nada

iPod classic, Other OS, Windows 8
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    You can restore much of the look & feel of the previous version with these shortcuts:

    • Ctrl+B to turn on the menu bar
    • Ctrl+S to turn on the sidebar
    • Ctrl+/ to turn on the status bar
    • Click the magnifying glass top right and untick Search Entire Library to restore the old search behaviour
    • Use View > Hide <Media Kind> in the cloud or Edit > Preferences > Store and untick Show iTunes in the cloud purchases to hide the cloud items. The second method eliminates the cloud status column (and may let iTunes start up more quickly)



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    These are two possible approaches that should work to move an existing library to a new computer.


    Method 1

    1. Backup the library with this User Tip.
    2. Restore the backup to your new computer using the same tool used to back it up.
    3. Deauthorize the old computer if you no longer want to access protected content on it.
    4. Keep your backup up-to-date in future.


    Method 2

    Connect the two computers to the same network. Share your <User's Music> folder from the old computer and copy the entire iTunes library folder into the <User's Music> folder on the new one. Again, deauthorize the old computer if no longer required.


    Both methods should give the new computer a working clone of the library that was on the old one. As far as iTunes is concerned this is still the "home" library for your devices so you shouldn't have any issues with iTunes wanting to erase are reload.


    I'd recommend method 1 since it establishes an ongoing backup for your library.


    Should you be in the unfortunate position where you are no longer able to access the original computer of a backup of it then see Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.