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I just got iMovie for iPad and am pleased, except that when I went to show my first video to a class of students the left and right sides were cropped.  Completely cropped.  On this video the "Titles" displayed are crucial, however, these are cropped and cannot be read properly.


I use Keynote on iPad regularly on the same projector, including videos in keynote, but have never had any problems like this.


I expect there is no way to select 4:3 aspect ratio within the app, but is there a way that I can play it with letterboxing rather than cropping?

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iOS 5.1.1
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    I have found the problem, which lies in viewing the exported file from camera roll.


    If you play the video directly from iMovie, it is displayed letterboxed instead of cropped.  That's what I'd want.


    If however you export the movie to camera roll, and play it from there, it is cropped.  Not good.


    In camera roll there is no option (that I can see) to switch between viewing videos as cropped or letterboxed.  In the videos app there is this option.  Next time I will import the video into the videos app, and view it from there.