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The iPhone5 with its fast processor and its 16:9 screen ratio turns out to be an excellent tool - together with a lightning to HDMI adapter and a HDMI cable - to bring a 1920x1080 Keynote presentation to an LCD or Plasma screen. The quality is truly amazing. I produce professional-grade Keynote presentations, so I believe I know the do's and dont's of the software pretty well. Yet, from time to time, when I export a presentation via iTunes to my iPhone5 I am getting a warning as soon as the import is finished. It says for instance that some image formats or certain media do not display on iOS or that a specific font is missing and that subsequently the text may look different. That's fine, I do appreciate this. However... that is all the info I get. It does not tell me which particular slides are - so to say - problematic. With a 200-slides presentation it can be quite difficult to track any specific issues/errors/problems. Is there a way to find out - whenever Keynote warns you about these compatibility issues - which slide, which slide number, needs to be checked?

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