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Emilie in Key Largo Level 1 Level 1

I spent at least an hour reading through the AppleTV forums yesterday & I could not locate a solution to the sound distortion during Airplay music video playback.


My set up: AppleTV3 (5.2); MacPro 2012 (OSX 10.7.5); iTunes (11.0.1) (HomeSharing is enabled on everything & ATV recognizes my MacPro's iTunes library); Sony LCD 55HX820; Mediabridge (latest) HDMI High Speed cable supporting sound; Apple Airport Extreme  (newest) (6.2).

Distance between my Airport Extreme to the ATV is about 20 feet and is line-of-sight.


When I stream the handful of purchased music videos from iCloud, there is no sound distortion.  When I attempt to use Airplay to stream from my MacPro, iPad Mini or iPhone 5, there is sound distortion. 

I tried a Monster Optical Cable (as one thread suggested) from the ATV to the Sony and the sound distortion actually became worse.

Checked the direction on the Mediabridge HDMI cable (another thread suggestion).

I downgraded the AppleTV software to 5.0.2 (as one thread suggested), with no change to the sound distortion.

I reinstalled the ATV 5.2 software with no change.

I have rebooted the system, unplugging all cables for a few minutes and reconnecting each in the order of Airport, MacPro and ATV.  No success. 

I have tried all 4 HDMI ports on the Sony. No difference.


I am hosting a party in 5 days and wanted to be able to have music videos playing on the Sony.  Is there indeed a solution to the Airplay problem?  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Apple TV, 3rd Gen.
  • JGmac Level 2 Level 2

    I have the same issue.  I think it has something to do wht the music itself.  The reason I say this is I never had this issue until I purchased iTunes matched AND I do not get sound distortion when i play the Radio function on Apple TV.  Anyone have any ideas?

  • Emilie in Key Largo Level 1 Level 1

    It seems to be only with videos that are 1080p quality (NOT from iTunes Store).  With the low quality video and iTunes Store, no problems.  Of course, this doesn't solve the problem as I am certainly not going to purchase 50+ lower quality videos via iTunes.  Sure wish I had my ATV1 back!