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We have been giving our board members of our company ipad 3's with a free board portal app so they can log in and review our board documents during meetings.


The challenge with this is whenever the free app requires an update, they simply cannot update it.  We have to visit all of these guys ipads and enter credentials for our generic IT account, despite forcibly logging this account out of the iTunes store in general setup.


There are now 2 new board members starting with us and we have iPads for them.  Without making the same mistake as before, how can we get this app installed while allowing them to update it?


1.  Its a FREE app (I can't stress that enough), so being free it shouldn't even need credentials as there are no charges to be made.  It's not a purchase.

2.  If the app is FREE and already installed, it shouldn't matter who updates it.  In fact its already on there and costs nothing to update, it should just allow it to be updated.