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I need a blank spreadsheet which is VERTICAL.  Numbers only offers a horizontal orientation as far as I can tell.  Either that or a "Blank - Checklist" with 2 columns which isn't exactly BLANK spreadsheet now, is it?    My only option seems to use an Excel spreadsheet.  Too bad.  Maybe I could copy a section of spreadsheet and paste it into a Pages document?  But why should I have to do that?     Make a blank vertical template please!

MacBook Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    OH!  I read in another post that the landscape icon is at the BOTTOM of the page.  How unobvious can you get?  Why didn't a simple search in Numbers Help pull this detail up for me?

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    Relax. The control at the lower left corner of the sheet in Print View is a little extra convenience control. The main layout settings are in the Sheet Inspector.


    Download the Numbers User Guide PDF and spend a nice evening reading the first four chapters or so. The part about setting the layout is in Chapter 2. This guide will help you to make the transition from Excel to Numbers.


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