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With IOS 5 all iphone notes magically synced with Outlook. With IOS 6 I get three options for my Notes to have a 'default account' (why does it need an account at all? It's a NOTE). But playing the game, my options are On My Iphone (where else?! It's where I make the notes), my gmail account (why is that one selected? I have many email addresses, but this isn't one that I can see in Outlook, nor is it one I want to), and something called iCloud (which I guess is where all my data is being poured over by those nice people at Apple who only have my best interests at heart). My setting in iCloud include some mysterious email addresses that I never have any intention of ever using - and which are irelevant as far as I can see to Outlook.


So how do Notes that are apparently syncing to somewhere in iCloud appear again in Outlook. And how do Outlook notes appear on my iPhone (which by the way is IOS 6.1.1, not 6.0.2 the only option offered here)

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.2