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So I finally set me up some very awesome system (DJ set combined with ps3, underlaid with a server, airport express and alooot of nice stuff :3) which im proud of. Now, I was thinking about moving my real work onto my Mac Mini, now that it has the DJ software and supports the audio interface and pretty much everything works. The problem is, I kinda need to hook my MacBook Air onto my server - as automated as possible.


I googled... "Target Disk Mode". Turned out I cant use it:

- No Thunderbolt

- No Firewire.



I tried using AFP. Well it worked. Biggest problem is, when the Macbook is closed, AFP goes down. Sweet... So I must run the Macbook and cant put it in something like a dock.


Now, I'd like to know any posibillity to hook up the entire Macintosh HD from my macbook onto my mac mini server. I can hook the book onto lan via the ethernet-usb adapter; no problem. I just need a way to mount my macbook into my mac mini.


Any ideas? :3


Regards, Ingwie.