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Hi all. I have a 2006 MacBook Pro (the original 1,1 Intel Core Duo model) that got messed up in-flight, several cosmetic issues and a broken LCD. I decided that because of the computer's age I would not fix the cosmetic issues, and so I would just replace the screen. Going for the cheaper but riskier option, I bought a fitting LCD screen instead of a whole display assembly, as I have already dissasembled and successfully reassembled several Mac laptops to this extent. Today I installed the screen, and it went pretty well. It came apart and went back together pretty easily, and when it was largely assembled (all cables plugged in but not all case parts installed) I tried to turn it on and it booted right up, the new screen and everything working perfectly. So, I attatched the remaining case parts and screwed it all in, and booted it up again---except this time only the disc drive made its normal startup noise, no chime and nothing further. I tried again, and this time noticed a small sound after the disc drive sound that sounded like a "winding-down" noise. After further efforts to reseat the

RAM, re-screw in several case parts, reset the NVRAM, and reset the SMC, I have not been able to start up the Mac. Oy.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! (posting from a PowerBook G4)

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 1.9GHz CoreDuo, 1.5GB RAM, 250GB HD
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    Did you replace all the insulating Kapton tape, after you remove it , it's sticky properties are diminished.

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    I replaced most of it, but left several the way they were as I figured the case would press-fit the cords into where they should be. Just asking---how does the Kapton tape insulate the cords, they have rubber casing?

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    I think it has to do arching/static type issues, ater the top was off one of mine at the AASP, I had display issues and they told me they had to replace the tape, as it all aluminum. Tape replaced problem solved, this does not mean that this is your problem, just a suggestion. Maybe you have a LCD card problem or something else.  It's worth a check, before you need to bring it in, as you sound pretty handy.

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    Problem solved---typing from the computer itself! Works perfectly with new display---the problem was the iSight camera. When dissasembling the LCD assembly I accidentally broke the iSight cable plug, and so when I was reassembling I plugged it in as best I could. I discovered in my initial test I had forgot to plug the other end of the cable (the non-broken end) into the motherboard, and then after I did and started it up something in the broken end shorted the computer out and it automatically shut itself down every time I tried to start it up. After taking the lower case apart again and testing a different hard drive in it with no luck, I retraced my steps to the iSight cable and hit myself in the end. I unplugged it, insulated the terminal on the board with tape, taped the plug on top of the terminal, slapped the case on, and it booted right up. Thanks so much anyway for your help, I didn't know that about the Kapton tape!