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How can i input a sequence in numbers like excel? thanks.

  • Jerrold Green1 Level 7 (29,960 points)

    Just the same way, I believe.



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    Thanks, Jerry.

    Actuely, it desn't. May you help me what kind of measures i can do?

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    Read "Autofilling Table Cells" in the Numbers User Guide. It's in Chapter 4. You can download the guide from the Help Menu links.



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    in cell A1 and a value (let's say 1), then in A2 enter the "next" value (let's say 2), now select A1 and A2, then grab (click and hold) the little circle at the bottom right of the selection and drag down as needed to auto fill.  This works with numbers, days, dates months, etc

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    Hi, Wayne, anyway thanks.


    I'm sorry, i didn't explain in detail, in order to select automatically, we usually input some words or iterms often used, then by the data validation, we can make a sequence, that is to say, drop down list, so we can select acording to the list and input automatically. This is easy to create in excel, but in numbers, i don't know how to achieve this.

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    What you want is cells formatted as Pop-up menus. In the User Guide, see on Page 99


    Using a Checkbox, Slider, Stepper, or Pop-Up Menu in Table Cells


    You can set cell formats using the Cell Formats button in the Format bar, or in Inspector > Cells tab


    Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 8.24.22 PM.png




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    We often take questions from users who aren't comfortable using English in the forums, or who are unfamiliar with the Numbers terminology. This is a very normal thing and we are not bothered by it. The more complete the problem statement is, the more easily we can come to understand the needs. It now seems that you are asking about a menu format. Numbers calls it a Pop-up Menu, as Ian notes. Unlike some more developed spreadsheet programs, Pop-up Menu cells must be programmed in the Cells Inspector. There is no feature to create the menu, or to edit the menu, in a table. We hope that feature will be added in a future upgrade of the Numbers application.



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    Hi, Jerry,


    Thank you very much, I have solved this problem with your help.