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    Let's wait and see I guess,, hopefully all the apple feedback has paid off,,, hopefully somebody will post on here and let us know if iOS 7 fixes the wifi  issue when the beta comes out next week,,thanks for all your **** everybody

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    Guys the beta comes out tomorrow lets hope it fixes this nasty wifi issue,,

  • berniefl34 Level 1 (0 points)

    Is everybody ready to see if the iOS 7 beta fixes this wifi issue? I know I am

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    A "certain new version" appears to have fixed my issues, early days, will post again in a few days.

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    Please let us know of your findings everybody,, thanks

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    ok, after a little bit more testing, things might not be as fixed as I might like.  Same podcast download, same WIFI network, same iPhone........proxy enabled = 5 minute download....proxy disabled = 15+ minute download.


    NOT HAPPY, as very much hoping that the new beta would have a magic fix.

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    Mine has improved a little,,but overall I think it maybe a hardware issue or apple is still not aware of the issue,, but I think it is the former one :(

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    Installing the proxy server and using the proxy server increased the speed by a lot.


    Windows users, see the instructions here:

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    The "new" software update seems to have fixed my wifi problems now,,,everything is going good now

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    Sadly my experience with both Beta 1 and Beta 2 of the new iOS release shows no improvement at all in the slow WIFI throughput on iPhone 5.


    I now have quite a lab setup with two different access points (with different chipsets) and my 4G MyFI device.


    No matter what WIFI network I choose, what channel it is, if it is 5.0 or 2.4GHz, if it is just N/A/B/G, secured by WPA/WEP or open, high medium and low channels......throughput for podcast downloads (and other apps like Evernote or Dropbox) is very very slow.


    The only fix I have found is if I deploy a proxy service on my local network, then configuring my iPhone to talk out via the proxy.  Must be some kind of TCP window issue with longer term downloads, meaning either some kind of driver issue or a hardware issue (so bascially meaning anything).


    An example of the order of magnitude, a 25MB podcast download this morning, when straight WIFI with no proxy 15 minutes, with a proxy configuration on the same network 1-2 minutes.  My iPad 3 with no proxy on the same WIFI network downloaded the podcast in 1-2 minutes, as did my iPhone 4. 


    So this is, for me at least, an iPhone 5 specific issue that is not linked with iOS6 or 7 (b1 or b2).

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    Anybody else have any new info??? It's very quiet in here,, lol

  • Stephen Dawson1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Nothing new that I know of. I'm kind of hopeful that the recent wifi problems with the new Macbook Air might have some flow-on effect. That seemed to be a similar problem - bad window sizes for consistent, fast data transfer.

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    Guys, I'd ask you to do a bit of an experiment for me as I've been able to rectify the situation in my case.

    Yes, I did create a proxy and yes, that does work.

    I have managed to solve my problem another way.


    The experiment is set your WiFi to G ONLY (not G/N, not ABGN, not ABG, G ONLY)

    Make sure that Short GI is on but ALSO ensure that it accepts LONG GI as well (usually set to both on your router)


    My experiments show that this works and the problem may be isolated to N

    Obviously you all want your WiFi to work as N to get the performance, however, this, like the proxy solution, may be another work around for some of you.


    Look forward to your feeback.

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    I have Airport Expresses. The only option that comes close is "802.11a - 802.11b/g". This didn't seem to make any difference to my Dropbox download speed.

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    Is this an issue specific to the iphone 5? Podcasts download very quickly on my ipad(3) when connected to wifi. But on my iphone 5 they crawl. It's almost unusable, Instacast constantly stops downloading in the background.