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Updating my version LTE iPad's carrier settings caused my network to drop from LTE to 3G on the spot. Turning cellular data off and then on didn't help, turning my LTE off and on didn't help. Restarting didn't help. I had to reset my device to factory settings and then re-activate it as a new device. Then I would instantly get LTE back. I'm going to avoid accepting any 'carrier settings' updates from now on. Just chose "Cancel"!

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular (VZ), iOS 6.1.1
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    Check with your cell carrier to see what was in the update and if they are aware of porblems. You may need to get a new nanoSIM.

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    Verizon doesn't have a direct way to contact them that I can find aside from calling. I posted in their support forum as well that I had the problem and the steps involved. So I feel like I've done my part to let them know that their carrier update clearly caused that problem for me. But now that I'm back up on LTE by avoiding the carrier update I'm happy. So I'm satisfied. I just wanted to post these notes here for others to find. I've seen on other forums people also noticing a loss of LTE without an explanation when they updated to iOS 6.1, which is when I was prompted for the carrier settings update as well. Restoring the ipad completely then fixed things for me.

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    You probably do need a new nanoSIM, visit your nearest Verizon store to get one. The carrier update you are referring to was to solve a problem with runaway cell data charges one that you may actually need.