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How do i unlock my iphone from Orange

iPhone 3G, iOS 4.2
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    Contact Orange to find out their process and if you qualify.

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    can anyone help me, I bought an iPhone 5 on Ebay, supposedly unlock, but he is locked. I phoned Apple is not stolen, and is Tmobile-Orange.

    I'm living in Belgium, and unfortunately, I can not find a phone number or email to ask for their can not log in Orange, I am not a customer.



    Can anyone send me such data, or know someone that another way to contact?



    hope for some kind of answer



    Yours sincerely,



    Stéphane Van Steen


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    No. No one but the carrier it is locked to can unlock it. If it was advertised as unlocked, but is not, file a claim with ebay and get your money back.

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    Dear KiledTim


    you have some right details for me From Orange UK?

    Email or Phone Number?



  • diesel vdub Level 7 (21,995 points)

    As you are not their customer it is highly unlikely they will unlock it for you.

    If you want/need their contact information, use google or foot their website and get it for yourself. Or better yet, do as KiltedT suggested and file a claim with eBay regarding the false advertising.

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    Google is your friend.


    I wouldn't waste any time on it, though. Just get your money back. They lied about the locked status of the phone. What else did they lie about?

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    I can tell you Orange will only unlock your iPhone if you are a customer with an active contract ,monthly or PAYG

    The iPhone also has to be active in UK on the Orange UK network

    File a claim with eBay for misrepresentation of the goods for sale and try to get your money back

    Never buy an iPhone on eBay unless you can complete the transaction in person