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Hi all,


I meet since last week a problem with my iPod nano 5th generation on sync with iTunes.

My iPod is well recognized by Windows 7 and iTunes. iTunes is up to date as my iPod firmware.


When I click on the iTunes Sync button, the sync starts and my iPod displays the animated sync picture.

iTunes start to sync the new titles found but the transfer is very slow and the progress bar stops/blocks at nearly 90% of the second title (on 83...) !?

At this moment, the iPod change it display to "connected" but no more sync...

iTunes keep locked on the sync process with the progress bar at 90%...


Up to today, if I stopped the sync and try again, iTunes synced the next title (so on 82 now), but today, it try on the same title, so I can't go on...


No information about this problem on the apple technical support...

No other functional problem on my iTunes or my iPod : everything is ok...


I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (fr), iTunes (fr), iPod Firmware 1.0.2 (fr).

My sync between iPod and iTunes is manual and is configured to only checked titles.


Is anyone has an idea ?

Thanks a lot for your help !




iPod nano, Windows 7, Manual sync