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I try to delete a simple calendar "on may Mac" but I cannot. The "remove" option does not appear in black to allow its use.


I try to remove all preferences in the library  but unless I miss some (very probable) it does nots work.


How to remove the calendar and retart iCal from scratch.


Thanks for your help.



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    If you want to clear a particular calendar, such as Work, uncheck all of the other calendars then entry by entry tap the entry, edit, delete at the bottom and that entry will be gone.  Repeat for each entry and that calendar will be clear.  There isn't a mass deletion available.

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    I am sorry for this calendar it does not work. I do not know why and what happens. This is why I suggested to "remove all prefrences "and start for zero.

    How can I do this.

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    Ok Marc, I was probably not understanding just what you want to do...may not now...but you cannot delete Calendar as it is part of Mac OS X.  If your Calendar is not working correctly you might try a reinstall of the Mac OS X you have.  Your information says you have 10.6.8 so you might want to backup all of your data if you can, then reboot the computer on the Mac OS X install disk by holding the C key during the startup.  Then accept the language and do an install, don't do a clean install or erase install as those will eraxe everything on the hard drive.  A simple reinstall will only install the operating system.  You can then on-line update to 10.6.8 so you have the latest version.  That process should fix problems with Calendar if there is an error in the calendar application itself.

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    Thanks Ralph


    It's not always easy for me to explain (furthermore in english) what happens.


    I will try to reinstall Mac OS X but I am afraid it will not work as I believe that reinstalling the system does not remove the preferences. Now if the probleme comes from iCal itself  it shoud work.

    I will keep you avised.





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    Good luck Marc.


    Even after having lived in France for two years I still miss a lot of the nuances in the language so fully understand the issues of non-native speakers of English.



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    Thank you Ralph


    I removed icalc and all the files that I found in Prefrences, Caches and calendar and copy the iCalc from my desktop computer.


    It's perfect.... until next time


    You now one of the difficulty to explain in english is due to the fact that I use, of course, french vesrion of most of the softwares. The names in french and english are not often simple translation. Tis for example explains the confusion between "calendar" and "entry" or "account".


    Thanks any way. You gave me the good direction.


    Au revoir



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    Languages and translations can be difficult...when I lived in France, 1984-1986, PCs were just getting popular and the French ministry for the purity of the language was upset about using the word computer so created a word, ordinateur.  Added another level of complexity in speaking with people.


    Anyway, I am pleased we were able to work this out together, a few explanations back and forth solved the problem.


    Oh, I worked at the Agence pour Energie Nucleare at l'OCDE, and was trying to write a paper in French that even the professional translators could not figure out...in assessing the adequacy of a computer code we used the expression "how good is good enough" for which the translators were unable to think of a French equivalence.


    Au revoir, marc.