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Upgraded to newest iOS.  Severe battery drain entails..  I am not a heavy user of the phone, and it would go about 2 or 2.5 days between charges.


Now, I may get 12 hours between charges with my normal use.  If I have above normal use for me, I get maybe 8 hours.  


The iPhone I used to LOVE I now hate.  It *****


I have had numerous iPhones and loved them all, now it's awful.


I have reset my phone, turned off everything, making it useless in the process, and the same problem persists.  I have read through the 138 PAGES of issues on apples support site, and have tried all the suggested 'fixes' to no avail. 


Yesterday ensured I had a good backup, erased the phone and set it up as new, restored items, and the same issues prevail....


iOS 6.1.1 is the issue, I certainly expect apple to fix this pronto.   


Hello? Apple? You listening?


A previously very happy apple customer....