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Anytime i have to compress a file, in order to quickly send it over email, i right click on the file that needs to be compressed, and then i choose "compress". I then get a zip file that is barely smaller than the original file (from 7.8MB to 7.2MB), which makes compression almost pointless.

So i figured that its just because i'm using the generic stock file compression application, whatever that is..... so i decided to download stuffit expander.

But i get the same result whether i compress it into a .zip file, or a .sitx file.


I'm so confused, but i'm sure this is something very simple. Am i misunderstanding the whole concept of what file compresison is?

I know that this is such an elementary question, but thanks for your time.

Any help would be appreciated.



MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)