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According to iTunes, all album art work exists.  On my iPod however, I have 25 albums where the preview of the album art do not show. 


So for example, if I look under *Artists* and click on **Broadcast**,  I have three albums listed.  Two of the albums do not preview/display the album art.  If I then click on one of those, to look at the tracks, the album art is there.  When I listen to the album, or tracks from it, the album art displays on my iPod. 


If I look at *Albums* on my iPod, I see the long list of all the albums **and a preview of the album art** on the iPod.  However, there are 25 that do not display the album art.  If I click on one e.g. Kate Bush - Aerial (Disc 2), the album art is there. 


**How do I get the missing 25 albums to preview the album art?**


For info, I have already deleted and reimported album artwork for the albums affected.     I have also copied and posted album artwork to the affected albums.  

iPod touch, Windows 7