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"Permissions differ" came up about 50 times after verifying disk permissions. Should I repair disk permissions?

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    Yes, & ignore any repeats on a second run, it's OK if it ends with "Repairs completed".

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    As long as the report ends up with 'Permissions repair complete' then, as far as permissions go, you are fine. You can ignore the various statements in the report:


    Permissions you can ignore on 10.5 onwards:




    Using 'should be -rw-r--r-- , they are lrw-r--r--' as an example, you will see the that the permissions are not changed, but the | indicates a different location. This is because an update to Leopard onwards changed the location of a number of system components.


    Poster rccharles has provided this description of what it all means:


    d = directory

    r = read

    w = write

    x = executeable program



    |  |  |

    |  |   all other users not in first two types

    |  | 

    |  group


    a little more info

    Before the user had read & write. A member of the group had read.

    After, only the user had read & write.



    If you are running Panther or Tiger: