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after upgrading to 6.1.2 I get the battery to 40% within 2 hours. load before I was 12 hours, which can be?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2
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    Same problem here!

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    Same here, I watched battery on my brand new phone go down by 10% during a 5 minute call without wifi or cellular being activated.  Very disappointed Apple, this is meant to be a battery fix, please fix this.

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    I had this issue a while back. I found that backing up to iCloud, and then restoring my iPhone in iTunes, and then installing my backup cured the problem.

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    I am going to make it as brief as possible my 1 month experience with my brand new Iphone 5


    -Januarry 11 - I purchase the Iphone 5


    -First day the phone battery lasted on stand by for more than 24 hours


    -Second day, I upgraded the software for IOS 6.1


    -Battery issies begun. Battery on stand by last 4 - 6 hours


    -I took the Iphone to Apple Store, they say everything is OK, that I had too many apps or that I should have make the restoration process from  "New Iphone" instead backing up.


    -I do the New Iphone thing and the battery now lasts more than 24 hours on Stand By


    -Then Comes 6.1.1


    -Battery drain problems are back


    -Restoring the Iphone as NEW does not works this time. I have to charge 3 times a day my Iphone 5


    -Yesterday 6.1.2 addressing to fix this bug


    -I do the upgrade. Worst than before, battery drains 10% in 10 Minutes in Stand by!!


    -I cant make the battery to fully charge to 100%, no matter how long I plug it, even overnight, after 8 hours, I was expecting a 100% charge, but it was at 97%!!!! With all apps closed, WIFI and Bluetooth OFF


    -I do the whole restoring process from NEW again. - NOTHING!! - It has been only 3 hours since i Umppluged it and now I have 33% and thats because I charge it on my car on my way to Work, about 30 minutes.


    -6.1.2 its even worst that 6.1.1




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    I suppose I've got to restart the phone from new on iTunes every time I get an update. If I get the battery performance back to 6.1 levels ill be happy and won't update again till I start having real user problems

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    Same here was fine and ever since the 6.1.2 update Phone Is Heating up in my pocket and Battery drains from 100% within 2 hrs


    Went to apple store they said do DFU mode and i did that reinstalled OS and all apps. Exchange server config removed and resetup for Google and work Email. Calender disabled Deleted and re enabled.


    IPhone 5 LTE ROGERS 32GB ... ***


    I was finally over the data usage issue now this.


    Data usage (not related): issue is if you have a Mail message stuck in the Out Queue it was blowing through 1GB of Cell data.

    Message was 11MB and Exchange denied message of 7MB  so it kept retrying all day from the send items.

    Deleting the message from outbox while in airplane mode stopped the insanity."

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    Same problem here IPhone 4S with 6.1.2. for me it got worse after the latest update. Phone is dead after around 20hours, and im no heavy user.