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Since iOS 6 - ive had SO MANY isues with WiFi. The solution - Static IP.


I think that apple have an issue with the DHCP OFFER that is received from your router. In simpler terms, our expensive little toys use this mechanism to obtain an IP address which your router dishes out - but upon receiving it from your router - it cannot be bound to the wireless ethernet adaptor in the iDevice.


I can see (in my case anyhow) that the router has happily received the DHCP request, then sent an offer with all relevant details. The iDevice actually acknowledges this offer, but never takes the address on. The router thinks that its done it jobs and goes on its merry way.


To correct. manually enter it.


1. (iDevice) Go to settings -> wifi. At this point select your SSID of your home (or work) network. If you have the issue - You will notice that it just spins eternally and never connects.


2. (ROUTER) Go to your Wireless settings page, and you will see your iDevice with an address allocated to it.



3. (iDevice) Go to settings -> wifi -> (your SSID) and select 'static'. Enter the following details manually.

IP Address

Subnet Mask






Then go back to the wifi page, click on your SSID and it will connect.


Apple - please correct!



iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6.0.1
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    One of the first things tried.  Does not work for me, or many others from what I read.  Glad it did for you though.

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    I used my iPad3 to watch streaming with my home router but the connection will be dropped irregularly then switch to 3G data automatically.


    I'm using iOS 6.1.2

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    just got my replacement 4s unit which has a pre-installed iOS 6.1.2. the same issue im having with the wifi connection. it cannot scan on available wifi networks and takes forever... need to switch on/off the wifi and/or the airplane mode. if im able to connect, the connection drops after several minutes and sometimes gets reconnected but most of the time, reconnection fails!!! i did not have this issue in my old 4s with iOS 5.x. had already tried the reset network settings, still the same thing... any other ways to solve this?

    i already have lost a great deal of data on my previous iOS when it suddenly shutdown and get stuck on the wheel animation (wait) after the white apple logo after restart. once my contract with my current carrier is over, i'll switch to android phones then... is this the quality apple can give?

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    If you're in Canada using TELUS for wifi be aware that the router only allows about 20 connections by wifi.


    I discovered this because each of us has an iPad, iPhone. Apple TV and other non apple devices with wifi (like printers).


    It doesn't take many users to go past 20.


    My solution was a cheap(?) 'N' router which attaches to Apples router to provide a subnet. I use Cat 5e connector to port 1 of Telus router. It connects to a static ip based on its MAC. each other device hooks up thru it's wifi Sid. Broke the telus limit although Internet access can be slower. Local access does not slow down nor does local access slow down Internet speeds.

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    I have both a IPAD Mini and a Iphone 4s both with the ISO 6.1.3 the phone connects without any problem but the IPad will not connect except to my apple express wireless router.  Once in a while the IPad mini can connect to other wireless but most of the time it won't.  Have not had any problems till last week.

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    Hi I have the latest iPad running on iOS 6.1.3 and last week i started to have connection issues whilst being connected:

    The device is connected and I have full bars but the pages don't load on mercury and Skype kicks out, apps stop refreshing too.

    Every time I have to turn the wifi off then on again but it's happening so often that it's becoming annoying.

    Any ideas why?

    Again I repeat I am connected but pages don't load and apps won't refresh so I get cashed data.

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    Similar to the previous reply, iPhone4 works fine all about the house; however, iPad Mini since last 3 updates only works reliably while sitting nearly ontop of the DSL Router.


    In an attempt to isolate and remedy the issue, I've had CenturyLink (Colorado) relocate DSL Jack (dedicated Filtered), replace model with a newer version.  It appears that my headache is only with my iMini while my wife's is 80% reliable in both our Living Room and Master Bedroom. 

    Symptoms include time-out or "Unable to Connect".


    Reading the OP's Static I/P idea, I have just hardcoded; although, it doesn't appear to have made a difference.

    {Playing Zynga's Hold'em poker commonly lags on mobile, but does show a network Bar}.

    Walking out of the "Den" to Kitchen, Living Room or Master Bedroom results in complete Loss of WiFi (radar).


    The humorous thing, my wife is terrible about doing her App Store updates which I will take care of for her, when I can pry her iPad mini away from her happy digits.  Her HP Laptop basically crashed and was sent in for repair returning with a Fresh Windows7 install.  I took that opportunity to iTunes Backup, iCloud and Restore/Upgrade her iPad on our home system (under her Window7's sign-on).  The extra step installing the latest iOS version 6.1.2.   She now complains about "whatever I did, I screwed her tablet up".


    I want to believe with a plethora of other WiFi devices such as Android, SmartTV, Blu-Ray etc which do not balk at connecting and via Router's device table, I can see each of them.


    Since both iMinis were pre-Order and Engraved, about the last step I would want to take is to Swap it out without confirmation by others that it is not just a hardware problem.


    [Background, I once worked as an Applecare level 1 support tech with the releaes of the iPhone3.  I understood a variety of User Issues separated by subsequent iOS "fixes" for problems later discovered]


    Thanks in Advance

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    Ii have noticed if I turn off cellular data, my IPad never loses the wifi network connection.  When cellular data is enabled, dropping wifi seems To happen only when streaming video.  Obviously this eats up data rapidly!  Maybe this gives another clue to the cause of the issue.

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    me too, my ipad mini have same ur problem when I updated it to IOS 6.1.3

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    I've been having issues keeping my iPad on wifi networks, especially at work. I've tried clearing the network cache, turning the HTTP Proxy to "Auto" and switching to Airplane Mode with WiFi on. Nothing. However, I just turned the "Ask to Join Networks" back on (I had it off thinking it would eat into my battery life) and, voila, I'm able to get on the my work network. And, so far, stay on. We'll see how long that lasts. The signal indicator only shows one while my iPhone shows full reception. Very annoying issue.

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    will apple be able to fix these problems in ipads regarding wifi issues on iOS? anyone knows?

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    I was able to get support from Apple. They had me reset the iPad and collect a set of logs. Turns out it was a hardware issue. I don't know if it was particular to my iPad or if they had a batch that are failing. I ended up getting a new iPad through their replacement program. In my case, a software patch was not going to fix the wifi signal.