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I have two problems on my hands that seem to be related after troubleshooting for months now. These are both post-Mountain Lion Upgrade.


There seems to be some type of issue related to QuickTime. Let me try to explain.


Issue #1 - Screenium capture software - I used previous versions just fine with no problems. Now, with their new version I am unable to export. I reported the precise error to the developer and they responded that it was related to QuickTime and that I should delete anything related to Flip4Mac and Perian as they are know to cause conflicts. I did that and no luck still. Something is still causing the issue and I believe it could be related to #2


Issue #2 - Adobe Bridge - I would use this to preview animation presets and video effects just fine until the OS update. There is a "preview" pane that displays the video. I can press play and the time indicator moves and it thinks it is playing the file preview, but there is no video. And oddly, sometimes it will randomly display a frame of the video while not being played. But I cannot even replicate that.


Upon researching this months ago I came across some documentation indicating the problem is related to QuickTime.


I have....

Reinstalled all Adobe products several times

Reinstalled Screenium

Reinstalled QuickTime several times (but this is just the Player I believe)

Deleted preference files

Repaired disk permissions (there always seems to be a lot, even if I just did it??????????)


So, maybe it is QuickTime, or maybe not. I am hoping someone will be able to help me finish this troubleshooting. Thanks a bunch.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)