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    6.1.3 is in the works already , though it doesnt mention anything about Wifi & Bt fixes.



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    I had the same problems. Then I have configured new the wlan access on the iPhone. Important to select the correct security key (WAP2)!!!, select no static IP data. (sorry for my english)

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    I have iPhone 4s running 6.1.2 Everything worked great before the lovely update. My wifi did the same thing that everyone else's seems to be doing. It would not recognize my home router.


    Evidently, in the update, Apple changed how the "Ask to Join Networks" button operates. Previously, I didn't have to have the button toggled to on, my phone would just automatically lock onto my router. I have fought and fought with this update. I have done several "network settings resets". I have even restored my phone twice. I have tried every crackpot, and not so crackpot, suggestion on these forums and NOTHING has worked. I could go to settings and connect to the router each time I used the phone, but it would only stay connected for a few minutes.


    Today, I toggled the "Ask to Join Networks" button to "on", then opened Safari. My phone then asked if I wanted to join the network, I responded with "join". My phone has been on wifi all day! I left home and came back several hours later, and FINALLY... my phone locks on automatically.


    Go to settings>, Wi-Fi>, toggle "Ask to Join Networks" button to "on". Then click on your router/network in the list.


    I realize that everyone's problems are not the exact problems I had, but maybe this will help some of you having problems.


    Good Luck!

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    Just curious, do you hide your router's SSID (network name)?  Also, do you use WEP security?  Either of these seem to be "resolved" by your suggestion, but you can also try broadcasting your SSID (hiding it doesn't do much of anything) and change to WPA2, which is much more secure than WEP.

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    In response to rockmyplimsoul:


    I do not have my network hidden. It is an open network that can be joined by anyone.

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    Thanks! That worked for me as well. I'm using an Asus router and the 2Ghz network worked without issue. But it would not accept my password for the 5Gz network despite several attempts and "forgetting" the network all together.


    Toggling Ask to Join Networks to On and opening Safari, I re-entered my password and it worked!


    A little surprising that Apple would not catch a bug like this.

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