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I would you like put all my mac pro in the machine area and I want extend all

keyboard and mouse for 20m from the mac pro tower.

Wich is the best solution?




  • Johnb-one Level 3 Level 3 (880 points)

    okay Luca, I was gonna suggest Bluetooth, but I don't know how it'd do for interference

    so, here's a solution...don't know if it's the best,though. Apparently the max length for usb cables is around 15 feet, so you'd need an active extension usb cable  (about $20 each) or a couple of powered usb hubs


    John b

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    Thank you for your replay!

    I have think for blutooth but I have 10 Mac Pro in the same room

    I wont try the extender over cat5

  • Johnb-one Level 3 Level 3 (880 points)

    wow-that's a lot of mac pro's.... compute much?

    this depends on where you live in the world, but maybe USB over powerline....

    dLan or smartsolutionskvm?  I don't know if you have any other options right now


    good luck to you


    John B