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I am new to podcast publishing on the mac. I have previously used dreamweaver and manually edited the xml files on a PC and I would like to move out of the dark ages. I now have a mac at work and was under the assumption there would be all these great tools available for publishing and managing my podcast. I saw a few posts that address this on the forums, one from 2006, 2008, and 2011, but they all seem to recommend either Podcast Maker or Podcast Producer (podcast producer doesn't come with Mountain Lion, so I am not sure it is available without a hack and that does not seem to guarentee it will work in the event of major updates.?.) Is Podcast Maker the tool to go to?


Here is what I need and don't need in a tool:



1. I do not need the ability to record

2. I do not need the ability to Edit audio or video

3. I do not need the ability to insert chapter markers



1. I would like the ability to import my existing xml file and see (in a gui) my available episodes.

2. I would like to be able somewhat automate my information (for things that remain static.

3. I would love to be able to insert additional materials (maybe a PDF  for download?)


Thanks for any help you could give.



Work Machine Specs

Mac Pro 2009

OS X10.8.2

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    Podcast Maker may have issues with Mountain Lion - it doesn't seem to have been updated for some time: it's a pity because I used it a few years back and found it very good. You can create podcasts in some website creation programs such as RapidWeaver; WordPress will do it but an awful lot of people have trouble with it and I suspect it's far from easy to use. There are assorted online services including Blogger, SquareSpace, Podbean and Libsyn.


    You can view the feed in any RSS reader - I have FireFox nominated as the default RSS reader and it will display the feed as a web page or you can easily examine the actual code.


    You can include a PDF as the media file as an episode (though note that you can only have one 'enclosure' in an episode).


    Your media files have to be hosted on a website server which handles 'byte-range requests' (the method used by iPhones and mandatory for acceptance in the iTunes Store) - don't use embedded players, download sites or DropBox.


    This page offers some basic advice on creating a podcast:



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    Thanks for the reply,


    That's what I thought, too. I prefer real apps to web services but I guess if that is all there is then that is all there is.


    We maintain a pretty large history of episodes in our podcast. Is there an online service that works well with a large import of past episodes or am I looking at having to reenter all the information?


    Thanks again

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    With libsyn.com - we can import your current files and XML file - then going forward all you have to do is upload your new files to your libsyn account - add a Title and Description and hit publish. 


    Libsyn supports Audio, Video and PDF files for episodes.


    If you want more info on importing your current Podcast to Libsyn let me know.


    rob at libsyn dot com