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I have several films on my WD hard disk. The films were all uploaded from a camera with iMovie. All of them are MPEG.

And here comes the funny part: the films from 2011 and 2012 can easily be played by iMovie, but the ones from 2009 and 2010 cannot be played because of a "wrong codec."

Could somebody help me out on this issue?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), computer crashed and was upgraded
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    When you posted in the iMovie forum what did those experts say?

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    Nobody said anything so far. The experts of the Apple helpdesk couldn't help me either.

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    This issue is caused by the video files "codec".  In order for them to work with iMovie, the file extension you see on the movie file, is not what causes the issue, it is the "internal codec" that you can't see, that does this.


    The supported codecs are shown here - TS3356 - iMovie '09: A limited number of video files may require conversion ...


    There are literally thousands of codecs out there, so they one you need is anyone's guess.  The easiest thing to do, would be to "convert the video" using a video converting software.  There are some you can download for free, from the "Apps store".  Just open the app's store, and search in the top right for "video converters"


    If you need to know the current codec attached to the video, and you can play it back in Quicktime, then open the video in quicktime - window in top menu - show movie inspector - in the "format" area, it should show the codec