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I have bought Aperture a long time ago (version 1). When updated to new version I have bought that too. Had Aperture version 3 on my old iMac and transferred that to my new iMac. When I start Aperture it ask for serialnumber. I have serialnumber from the upgrade but that doesnot seems to work. I have wiped out everthing on my old computer and sold it, so I cannot check for any other serialnumber.


I tried to buy Aperture again, but it says "Already installed" and I did not get any new serial numer that way.


What to do?

Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    After reinstalling Aperture on a new Mac you need to enter all serial numbers, beginning with the first version you bought, then the upgrade serial numbers. If you no longer have the Aperture 1 and 2 serial numbers, contact Apple for a replacement serial number.

    See this support article: Pro Application Replacement Serial Numbers



    If you want to buy Aperture again, but cannot, because it is already installed, deinstall it, then try to buy from the AppStore, but with a proof of purchase Apple should provide you with a replacement serial number.




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    OK, I understand. I have no proof of my first purchase left. It isnt so much money to purchase it again. Just let´s hope that it find my Aperture Library and iPhoto Library after a new install. I shall try it later today :-)


    Thank you for your advice!

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    When you install the new version it should find you libraries. If it doesn;t you can locate the libraries in the Finder and then double click it. This will make Aperture open the library and set it as your default library.