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  • Guin36 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am going to try that.   I am petrified of deleting hotmail off my phone, because it does horrible things to my contact file - randomly deletes emails, phone #s, entire records. 

  • Ayodhya Perera Level 1 (0 points)

    Same issue with iPhone 3GS after updating to iOS 6.1.2

  • gottfired Level 1 (0 points)

    For the record: iPhone 5 32gb. Before 6.1.2 everything was fine. Afterwards: phone gets really hot and battery drains VERY fast.

  • kulas Level 1 (0 points)

    Please see the following link:

    There are a number of solutions there which @LawrenceFinch also suggested.  For me, I've tried everything except DFU restore, and nothing worked.  Then I tried solution #2 turning off push on all e-mails and icloud.  The battery drained the same way on the first day, but after charging it overnight, I have a normal battery.  Now, I am enjoying 2days of battery use.  My last usage stats:


              Usage: 8hrs 17min

              Standby: 1 day 48min

    My battery was still 6%.  You guys have to try different solutions for different symptoms.  For me, my battery was lasting the whole day, but it gets hot, and drains when i make calls and texts.  Please try to troubleshoot your phone and look for the best solution.  This is the purpose of this forums, for us users to get together and help each other out.  Hope, the other users would just stop complaining and use their heads and hands instead.  Not everything should be spoon-fed to us.  Ciao!

  • TommyCRO Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, another one user that miss his old 5.1.1. iOS...


    Did everything that sir Lawrence said, and it worked for me in general. I even move from original mail app to Sparrow just to be shure..

    Now, after "Larry's cure", I have very good standby baterry percentage, I think even better than before.

    But, I noticed when I use my 4s (any kind of use like short calls, quick mail check, text, few whatsapp messages or so..) i l lose few percentages of battery noticeably faster than before...

    So, I'm still not quite satisfied with this upgrade..


    Your thinking sir Larry?   Maybe your advice will be to be happy with what you have, compared to the problems of others  ;-)



    Greetings from Croatia

  • kulas Level 1 (0 points)

    I missed something on my usage stats:


              Standby: 1day 17hrs 48min


    @TommyCRO, you should view the link above and try out some solutions their.  Like I said, there is no clear cut solution here, so we have to experiment.  Believe me, I suffered for more than a month before I got it right.

  • Kevin McFadin Level 1 (105 points)

    This seemed to work best for me so far…thank you. I initially did the mail delete process: bupkiss. Then the set up as 'new' then restore: nothing as well. This here gave me back almost 24 hrs with fairly mild usage in my book; few calls, light surfing, substantial amount of playing music though, as always. I did delete a Gmail account and have yet to put it back on to see if that was contributing ot the problem, but I can live with out that easily. For the record; for the most part I keep notifications and all that malarkey off, social apps closed, not signed into anything for extened periods or left hanging…but this so far gave me the best results, if not the only results worth noting.

  • shilca Level 1 (0 points)

    hey guys. i found an solution that helps you 100%.i'am sure.

    all you have to do is set your icloud account off and mail must be off. push has to be also off. iad option has to be off locations.. if you done this do a hard reset.


    i went to my job the battery was on 75% when i came home (after 9hours)the battery was on 75%. standby. i stopped the time while  i was browsing ,gaming ..... other things. my battery drains now in 6-7 minutes  average  1% battery. i think this is normal usage.  so guys good luck and have a try.

  • dblumfrommd Level 1 (0 points)

    @kulas:  I have tried the suggestions in your link; I have tried all suggestions given by Lawrence (more than once).  None of them has worked for me, except keeping "push" turned off.  I honestly feel that this is not a resolution.  So, what now?


    @Lawrence, I respectfully ask, how do you know Apple will not issue a fix in a future update?  Do you speak for Apple?  Do you have first hand knowledge from Apple that they will not issue any fix?

  • kulas Level 1 (0 points)

    I missed something on my usage stats:


              Standby: 1day 17hrs 48min


    @TommyCRO, you should view the link above and try out some solutions their.  Like I said, there is no clear cut solution here, so we have to experiment.  Believe me, I suffered for more than a month before I got it right.

  • kulas Level 1 (0 points)

    @dblumfrommd: I can't answer you right now.  I am still experimenting on my phone.  Maybe in a few days I will turn on push for iCloud and see what happens.  As for the fix, maybe Apple will issue one and maybe not, but for me I have to fix my phone.

  • Philip Spencer Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello Lawrence. I can see that you are much of a help to people out here. I wonder if you can help me with my problem too.


    Bought an iPhone 5 a month ago. I didn't notice any battery draining the first time I've used it. Well apparently that was accounted to the AIRPLANE MODE/NO SERVICE. Since I had to wait for 24 hours for my carrier sim to be activated.


    The next day, I was too excited to use the phone. And instantly realized the battery drain. I've toggled all switches to ON. (like what I did with my old iPhone 4S) Also been toggling Cellular Data and 3G occassionally to check the internet. But what I've notice is that even on standby, the battery seems to eat up 1% every 15 mins. But then I would survive the whole day with my very minimal use. That was tolerable but icky at the same time.


    Decided to update to 6.1.1 then to 6.1.2, the battery is better but still performing way worse than my 4S. I, also have been switching things on and off to check what the culprit is. Altho it is with my knowledge that these awesome features are what made this stuff a smartphone. These togglings seemingly helped a bit, but not totally.


    I finally came across this app that is called SysStats that enables me to monitor the apps that are running in the background. What I noticed in SysStats is that, the Mail app is constantly running in the background. I have read in other sections of the forum that another app might be causing the interference with Mail. I did not configure any Maill account, nor an iCloud, so I dont take time opening the Mail app itself. I will let my iphone die for a charge, but whenever it would go on again, i will immediately check SysStats only to find out that Mail app would be running again. Then I have to manually open the app, and then close it in the quick launch to solve the problem. Then after awhile of surfing through safari, facebook, twitter, instagram, I would have to expect that the Mail would be running again according to SysStats and so it does. Would that be contributing to the battery drain? I feel stupid rechecking SysStats just to confirm if Mail is running, and then I have to manually open the app and then close it right away.


    Sorry for the long catch. I will wait for your response. Thanks!

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,018 points)

    dblumfrommd wrote:


    @Lawrence, I respectfully ask, how do you know Apple will not issue a fix in a future update?  Do you speak for Apple?  Do you have first hand knowledge from Apple that they will not issue any fix?

    I judge people and businesses by their actions, more than their words. I know from people who are beta testing 6.1.3 that it does not change battery performance, and I know from almost 6 years experience that Apple has never addressed a battery issue in the past (see below). Of course, I could be wrong, and maybe Apple will do a complete turnaround just this time for you. But I'm not going to put my money on that happening. When I've had battery issues I've fixed them. Fortunately, I didn't wait for Apple, as it would have been a long wait.


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  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,018 points)

    Built in apps like Mail are always running. You cannot kill them. If you do, they restart immediately. However, they should be in a suspended state most of the time. There are a few situations where they are running, most related to bad data - a calendar, contact, note or email record that is corrupted that the mail app cannot parse. But it keeps trying. Also, push accounts like Exchange, Yahoo, Google, iCloud or Hotmail premium can get "confused" about their connections to the server and keep retrying on connections that are no longer being used by the server. Usually deleting or turning off the account and rebooting, then turning back on resolves this. But if you use any accounts that support Push the phone will use battery much faster than if all of your email accounts are fetch only. This is normal. A way to check if there's a problem is to go to Settings/General/Usage - Time since last full charge. Usage should be much less than standby. If they are equal some app is running continuously. Usage includes background usage, and Standby is mislabeled, as it includes Usage. That is "Standby" is total time since the last full charge.


    If Usage and Standby are not the same and not close (right now my phone shows 23 minutes Usage, 2 hours 30 minutes Standby, even though I've been actively using it for only about 3 minutes) your phone is working as it was designed. Your battery life may not be as good as you want it to be, but its working as it was designed and you are just a heavy user.

  • Guin36 Level 1 (0 points)

    Westladog!  Your suggestion to Reset All Settings has helped me!   I did that last night, charged it to 100% and unplugged it from my computer.   Since 9:30 last night I've used FB, email, Safari, messaging and taken photos, and it is only down to 79%!    Previously I could literally WATCH the charge go down before my eyes, from 100% down to 69% in a matter of twenty minutes.


    THANK YOU.   As far as I have found, you're the only poster who has suggested this as an alternative to reformatting the entire phone.   


    - Guin





       Have you tried just doing the Reset All Settings? It worked for me. Now, my battery is better than at anytime in the past. Today with normal use from 7am until 5pm, the battery drain was only 30% in the 10 hours. I basically checked three mail accounts including company exchange server and browsed the Internet occasionally

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