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    And my phone got hot while i was typing the reply,no apps running except for safari

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    after 6.1.3 update i tracking battery usage and after one day this is how it works for me.

    at this moment battery is 21%/Wifi is Of/3G is on.

    no icloud

    only one e mail accaunt/ set up as fetched..

    USAGE:5 hours /6 minutes

    STAND BY: 17 hours /40 minutes/


    WIFI conection slows battery 30-40 slower than the 3G Signal!

    iphone5 6.1.3...


    And i didnt makne Restore/ as new/ only normal software update via itunes!

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    Thank you for a plain English explanation!  I can only hope whatever the issue is, it will be addressed.  Since there are several people, just on this forum, as well as others, for whom the various "fixes" mentioned in this thread have not worked, it seems to me that it truly is an issue with the IOS, and not phone or app configuration.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,030 points)

    Theweirdguy wrote:


    Now at 55% battery 3hours 52minutes usage and 18 hours 54 minutes standby.First 2 hour 30 minutes were on wifi,as i've stated on my previous post here and the remaining on cellular.Is this good?

    If the rate you stated continues that means you will get about 8 hours of usage on a charge. Which is exactly what the spec says.

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    Hi dblumfrommd,


    Considering that I've personally seen this problem manifest on the iPod touch 5G and the iPad 3 as well as everyone here also stating it's affecting the iPhone, I'd rule out hardware at this point. Too many different hardware devices all having the same problem pretty much rules out a hardware issue. It could be an app, but it's also unlikely that everyone on here has the same app installed (other than stock Apple apps). Of course, it could be a misbehaving Apple app. If so, you might as well just call it IOS as Apple's apps pretty much come shipped with the device (except a very few). I'm still leaning towards some underlying IOS framework that's been changed within IOS.  That framekwork being triggered by many different apps under specific conditions which leads to the high CPU load and extra fast battery drain.



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    I can't say for sure that it was due to the 6.1.3 updated, but my iPhone 5 is now not suffering unreasonably short battery life.  I updated (via wifi) to 6.1.3 even though the short "what's new" description didn't mention the power drain issue.  A few other apps that I have installed have had updates as well, so I don't know what made it stop.  Thankfully, it has.


    Now, I just have to figure out why the date on my Calendar is incorrect when I look at it in Day view, but not in week or month view.  It's almost Easter, so this must be an Easter egg left by Apple for me to find.  Thanks guys.

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    I set some things to save some energy and bough a mophie add. battery.

    there was enough battery from 20:00 to about 2:30 at a concert - but anyway - its still the most bugging thing and it did NOT change with 6.13 - it's still the best to switch off Wifi on tour - switch off any access or automatic downloads as well as cloud access etc. - I even set messaging to a minimum since every push notification will light up the display etc..


    I'd really like to have at least 1 or 2 days withour worries..

    my old sony ericsson had 1 week of power..


    so that problem still exists and I don't feel it is all fine now.

    if you have an iPhone you need to charge it 1-2times ´daily.

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    I agree to you since ios 6.1.2 update.. How unfortunate.

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    As an FYI,


    After updating to 6.1.3, the high CPU battery drain problem has not occurred again on my iPod 5G or iPad 3. But, this is not definitive. I had also disabled push notifications as this is known to drain the battery. I've only recently re-enabled push notifications, but on only one account where I need the near instant notifications. Push notifications were previously enabled on 3 different accounts prior to switching it off. Updating to 6.1.3 and disabling push notifications were the only things I did to attempt mitigation of this battery drain issue. So far, this seems successful. I'll keep a watch to see if it returns, though.

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    first off,  I would like to thank everyone for the efforts in finding this battery problem and the "multiple" fixes !!


    upgraded my iphone 4 to 6.1.3 last week,  within hrs battery dead.   charged to 100% + 2 hrs  turned off went to bed.  in AM,  phone dead..   same story here.  I have spent the last week reading these threads and trying the multiple fixes that have been successful for some.








    nothing worked, sorry to say... the latest post that I had read suggested turning off CELLULAR DATA


    did that ,  so far seems to have worked......  fingers crossed...  battery at 93% at 4 pm  charged @ 10 am today

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    Hi Joel,


    Having cellular data enabled is definitely known to be a battery killer, especially when you don't have a data plan. The problem is, though, that some messaging types on some carriers (i.e., MMS and picture messages) require 3G/4G to be enabled to receive the message at all. These messages won't work over WiFi and won't work without 3G/4G enabled. Small text SMS messages work fine, though.


    On another phone I had, if I enabled cellular data, I got maybe 3-4 hours of battery. Disabling cellular data extended the battery to several days. If you don't use 3G/4G for Internet often and you don't do MMS much, it's better to disable it and save the battery. Even if you do have a data plan, you can always enable cellular data for the times when you need to browse and disable it to save the battery. In this case, always-on Internet isn't a great idea when you're wanting to save your battery.


    However, this wasn't the issue with my iPod Touch 5G and iPad 3 as both of these are WiFi only. The issue I was seeing had to do with some app getting into a high CPU usage cycle and draining the battery. I haven't seen this issue since the update to 6.1.3.

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    i agree the battery on 3G data is extremely low..

    when i turn on cellullar (3G) usage on web browse is cca 3-4hours... and if you turn on wifi its



    6.1.3 is updated...


    turn on Location when you need it.. when you don"t use it, turn it off..

    turn off blutooth..

    Set e mail to fetch not to push...

    And replace the battery afrer one year of usage...

    I dont think that the battery on 3G will be improved...

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    One other suggestion to extend battery life besides those you mentioned is that you should discharge the battery down to 10% full and then let it fully recharge. This should be done at least once a month. This calibrates the battery meter and, at the same time, could potentially extend the life of the battery. Constantly trickle charging batteries is the best way to wear them out faster. Rechargeables last longer when discharged and recharged in full cycles.


    Battery life relates only somewhat to how quickly your battery drains when wireless features are enabled. Basically, having any wireless transmitter/receiver turned on (i.e., cell, data, wifi, bluetooth, FRC, GPS, NFA) will drain the battery faster than with them turned off.  So, turning off transmitters and receivers that you only use once or twice a week saves a lot on battery. The trouble is, Apple doesn't easily give you a mechanism to turn these on and off quickly (i.e., from a single control panel). That's one of the things I liked about Android. There is a widget that sits right on the desktop that you can customize and disable/enable these features with a single click. With IOS, you have to dig deep inside settings to locate and turn each individual transmitter/receiver on and off.


    While IOS is growing in some ways, with interface efficiency IOS is still failing. Let's hope Apple developers will finally realize that we do want faster access to controls like these. I'd love to see an app that lets me create custom on-off controls for settings I want to flip on and off regularly from settings. I don't want to dig through layers of settings screens to get to a single control to flip it off and then have to do it again for another. Settings like these could be hidden off screen and could be dragged over and flipped on and off with one swipe and one press. The reason this is important is when doing activities like driving. In other words, IOS is not a driver-friendly operating system.



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    You may want to explore your phone if you want your iphone to be more useful while driving. I mean, try or take a risk of installing 3rd party applications.. ☺

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    Hi Kevin,


    I'm not sure what you mean exactly. The phone controls are what they are. Apple gives you very little control over modifying the OS to make it more one-click friendly. Instead, Apple relies on Siri to provide you with hands-free access to information. Unfortunately, Siri won't control preferences. You are still required to go through these settings manually. Digging through layers of screens to enable/disable a setting while driving requires you to focus on the phone and not your car.


    So, yes, if a third party app makes my driving experience safer, I'll most definitely take the risk of installing that third party app. That is, versus the mistake-prone process of digging through layers of Apple designed Settings screens to find and touch a single control.


    Until Apple rethinks the Settings interface (and indeed the rest of IOS) to become driver friendly, I'll take my chances with third party apps. Especially if those apps give me fast one click access to controls while driving. Steve Jobs ideas were always about making the UI experience simpler, easier and faster. Unfortunately, Apple hasn't really thought through the driving user experience use case. So, Apple devs haven't really worked towards making the driving experience safer when using an iPhone.