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    Tried it all! Restore from phone, restore from computer, restore from backup, restore as new... Seriously... IT JUST DOES NOT work! Last thing I'll try is downgrading to iOS 6.1 as soon as I find the correct .ipsw . If that doesn't work I give up. It's not a reliable piece of equipment. Always goes down at to e you need it the most. Só... Will start considering a Samsung or HTC with Android! Change to a newer platform, one that does not promise you seamless hardware - software integration and don't keep up with each other!!!

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    You only get 8 in a half hours of talk time out of the battery.

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    Thanks man. Great advice

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    I have an Ipod Touch 5G, without any exchange account. This ******* upgrade ruined my Ipod. I test all the "solutions" in the web, nothing works for my. The battery lifes is 10 hs max (without any use, always in standby, with all the services and features turn off). Before this upgrade I can use the Ipod all the day without any charge (music, games, safari, emails in many time). Apple need to fix the problem. The Exchange problem is one of many problems, but the true problem is the IOS. This is my 3rd Ipod (2g, 4g and 5g) and this is the first time I have this kind of problem. The battery of the ipod 4 works better (with 2 years of use) that the new Ipod 5g, with a fww months of use, and like I say, before the updrade the battery of Ipod 5 works perfectly.

    Now the only step I have is go to the technical support and try the Warranty to change for a new Ipod.

    Steve come back!!! Now Apple is like Microsoft, they patch the problems, no resolve the problems....


    Sorry for my english, I live in Argentinta and did my best.

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    Sorry to hear about your iPod. I want the new iPod but the battery issue is bad on my ipad mini, so I don't need 2 Apple products with battery is enough! Same here, I have the 2,4 gen iPod touch. My 4th gets 18 hours! More than my ipad I'm so confused. I don't think nobody knows the problem but Apple. But I think we should be able to downgrade to another firmware if we want. Ios 6.0 and 6.0.1 I never had issues?


    Don't loose hope, hopefully Apple is trying to fix this battery drain problem, or maybe Apple isn't? I sure hope so! None of the fix it yourself don't work, maybe for a couple days but it doesn't last. Good luck. Hang in there! My son wants the new iPod touch but I or my ex won't buy it because of the battery. Not worth the headache. Please don't edit my post....please!

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    Thanks for the good wishes. With respect to New Ipod, the device worked perfect until the upgrade. Before the battery was a luxury. I used it all day (listening to music when traveling to work and back to my house, also throughout the work day listening to music. Much Internet use and access to my personal email (for work I have a Blackberry). Also to play (I was hooked on the game Tapped Out of the Simpsons). Any such use with minimal daily load, and 1 a month full course load. Following the upgrade my battery problem started. Today I am giving the last chance, last night the ipod turn off (which never had happened in the previous IOS version) because it ran out of battery. I have it restored with Itunes as a new iPod, with nothing configured or installed application.'m letting it charge for 6hrs to see again the performance of the battery. If you still like what I'm taking collateral, and hopefully take the fault (as it is a device problem and his fu ... ing IOS 6.1.2). hopefully in the new team is not the IOS 6.1.2, but if so you should have no problems. When updating the custom device which generates the bug.


    Again, thanks for the help and sorry for my english ....


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    The iOS 6.1.3 is OTA now. It was just release today.

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    How many people with the 6.1.2 battery issue also have a hotmail account setup in Mail?


    I have a user with this problem who has a hotmail account, as well as I've read a few others in these threads with the problem who mentioned using hotmail.


    Any others?

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    6.1.3 released today! I'm interested to hear if anyone has noticed a difference in battery life.

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    had the same problems... charged 100 % closed all apps, location services, blue tooth everything. unplugged phone sad on my counter overnight 7 hours and battery was at 3 percent... new update March 18th version 6.1.3 installed last night march 19th and my phone seems to be back to normal. funny how the genius bar could not figure it out. they told me to restore and use the phone as new as well. why does apple have to be so sneaky. why not tell us they are working on the solution and be patient. FUDGE!!! first time i ever had a bad experience with apple. Steve Jobs would of disaprooved. RIP! glad my phone is working again

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    My phone seems to be doing better battery-wise since the 6.1.3 upgrade. Anyone else seeing improvement after going to 6.1.3?

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    I have absolutely with 6.1.3. It's the mid-afternoon and my phone is still at 86%. Before upgrading it'd be around 40% by now. Seems like the exchange bug has finally stopped bugging my phone up.

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    Not updating....still may JB.

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    Not updating either, until I hear from a LOT of people that this update is safe / does the trick. I so regret jumping into the last one. Not going to be the first to jump this time.

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    I resolved my battery issues a while back with a restore/set up as new phone, but the 6.1.3 upgrade seems to be fine.

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