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I connected my iphone 4S to my Windows 7 laptop this morning, to chare my phone. itunes did not start, did all the diagnostic stuff i could think of. No success.

Looked on web for help, no success. My iphone no longer shows up in windows or itunes, (I have been using this iphone on this laptop for over a year with no problems)

After plugging and un plugging several times I got a windows error code 43 which appears to be a generic USB error code. So I looked in device manager and found there is a driver error. I tried to update driver with no success. I then went to Apples diagnostic tool followed it until I got a code that said 0xE8000065 unknown error. It then recomend to uninstall and reinstall itunes. The last time i did that I lost my itunes library and bricked my old 2nd gen ipod. Is there any way to download the offending USB driver that seems to have disappeared, or become corrupt? Thanks.

iPhone 4S, Windows 7