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I can't handle what Apple is doing to iTunes on Mac's anymore.


As far as a great music media center/player, iTunes is now so dumbed down it's next to being uselss.


For some reason, when it comes to iTunes, Apple acts like Microsoft and has no idea what to do with it or how to create a usable user interface. Maybe Apple hired the guys who made Metro for Windows 8 to work on iTunes 11. It's almost that bad now.


Anyhow, I'm ditching iTunes, the writing is on the wall that future releases are going to be even dumber and simpler. Maybe Apple will give us one button for "play" and a window to show the album art -- and that's it!!! Honestly, that's where this program is heading.


So, the question I have, I'm going to use iTunes only to transfer music to my iPhone/iPad. I'm going to use something else to manage and play my music MP3 library.


Can anyone recommend something good to manage and play music on an iMac or MacBook Air?


Has anyone tried Winamp on a Mac?


Any recommendations appreciated.





BTW, not ranting on Apple here. I'm a huge Apple fan. I love everything Apple makes, oustide of iTunes!!!

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion
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    None of the available apps - not Songbird, not Winamp, nor any of the others - in my opinion are even as good as iTunes, much less better. You can try those out for yourself and see if they suit you, but in my opinion iTunes is still the best, even with the somewhat unexplainable feature removals (notably the ability to open playlists and the iTunes Store in separate windows) in iTunes 11. Showing the sidebard and status bar, as SJF suggested, seems to fix a lot of the complaints from those who just can't adapt to the new layout, so if you haven't tried that, give if a go.


    Otherwise, there just isn't any really good alternative that I've found, though perhaps Songbird or Winamp will work for you. If you just want music, you can also try Swinsian:





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    Yes, I've become a total grouch when it comes it iTunes


    Thanks for the suggestions, I forgot about Songbird. I'll give that a look.


    I as well, when last checked a few years ago, thought nothing for the Mac was as good as iTunes for music (which is kind of really pathetic when you think about it).


    If I find some brilliant iTunes music replacement -- I'll post it here.