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I have 37 podcasts that are unplayed. After updating to iTunes 11.0.2, the number of unplayed now shows 222. I thought maybe it downloaded a bunch of podcasts that I had already listened to (like it does when someone changes their feeds, and iTunes sees the episodes as "new").


I clicked on the "Unplayed" tab under Podcasts, and it shows the 37 unplayed podcasts.


I went in and selected all my podcasts and marked them all as played. Now, there are no unplayed podcasts, but the counter still shows 185 unplayed.


Since when did Microsoft take over coding iTunes? I expected better from Apple.


Can anyone tell me how to reset the number of unplayed podcasts to be the correct number? Thanks.

iPad, iOS 5
  • Marc Jensen Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    No solution yet, but I have the same problem.

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    Yep.  Same problem here. I had over 1200 unplayed episodes listed in iTunes today.


    As best I can figure it, iTunes is now basing the Unplayed count off of all AVAILABLE unplayed episodes of a subscription, whether that episode is currently downloaded in iTunes or not.  So, for example, if there is an episode of the podcast from a year ago that you didn't listen to, that counts towards your Unplayed count. 

    I think this is similar behavior to how the Podcasts app on the iPhone handles subscriptions and Unplayed counts. 


    I REALLY hope this is a glitch and not a new "feature", as I really don't care if there was an episode I missed 6 months ago - I just want to know which episodes I currently have downloaded on my computer/phone that I haven't listend to.

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    Mine showed 6666 unplayed via iTunes, but 36 in the iPhone, after the update.

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    Same problem, but on the Mac side.  All undownloaded (or previously deleted) podcasts are now showing up as unheard, even though they're not on my computer...

  • Roy B Level 3 Level 3 (570 points)

    Hello all,


    If you are experiencing this issue with un-downloaded podcasts affecting your unplayed count in iTunes 11.0.2, re-download and re-install iTunes 11.0.2 from: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download

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    I fixed my play count by marking all of my played podcasts as unplayed, then played again. Mine was messed up after doing a clean re-install of iTunes.


    I did this in the list view, selecting multiple podcasts by clicking on the first one I want selected, then holding down Shift as I click the last one I want selected. This is in Windows, but should work the same in Mac. You can also select all(ctrl+A in Windows or Cmd+A in Mac) and hold ctrl(Win) or (I'm pretty sure)Cmd(Mac) as you click on the ones you don't want selected. Then right-click on a selected one and choose "Mark as unplayed" then right-click again and choose "Mark as played".

    I only recommended "Mark as unplayed" first because it didn't initially give me the option to "Mark as played", but since you had simply marked them as played, maybe marking all of them as unplayed first, then as played, could be the fix.


    KEEP IN MIND that you could potentially accidentally mark a partially-played podcast as played(since they don't have an icon next to them), so pay CLOSE ATTENTION to which ones you're selecting and what is partially-played(check the Unplayed tab at top for a quick list). I only had one partially-played podcast, so it was easy to just skip that one.


    I suspect iTunes just mis-interpreted a few podcasts' count, since the first half I marked only lowered it by one, then the second half cleared the rest of the 40-something unplayed podcasts.

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    I'll just wait it out and see if things get fixed in a later update. With well over 6000 in iTunes showing unplayed and 30-something in my phone, this could take a long time.

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    Hey guys - go back to Roy B's answer - he had it right.   They've fixed the issue, but not in a major release that will get pushed to your computer by a software update.   I re-downloaded itunes on the link Roy gave, a quick re-install and I was good to go.    Now happy I had to fix it by hand, but it was far quicker than marking things heard by hand or just waiting for 11.0.2

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    I don't know if this works for you, but I figured out why my unplayed count was screwed. I have an abonnement for a podcast, but I've set up iTunes to not download the episodes. So all of them were unplayed, but not referenced as unplayed on the left area where you can see your Podcasts. Marked them as watched and my count was back where it should.

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    I did the reinstall and that fixed the problem.

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    Your solution worked for me. Thanks!

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    Roy B's solution worked for my itunes account on the computer, but it didn't update my ipad when I syncd it.  Has anyone fixed this issue for the ipad, and how did you do it?  Thanks Much