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  I have a Power PC G4 (3.3) which I want to upgrade to Leopard. If I find someone using Leopard on their machine (even if it has an intel processor) and make a carbon copy clone will I be able to upgrade my machine to Leopard using the clone?  Unfortunately Leopard doesn't seem to be available from Apple anymore.

  • Klaus1 Level 8 Level 8 (45,360 points)

    That will probably not work because of the differences between PPC and Intel platforms.


    It is also a breach of the license agreement.


    You can still buy a retail copy of Leopard from Amazon or eBay, but prices are high.

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    Once my purchased copy of the retail version of Leopard was chewed up by the DVD drive of a MacBook Pro.


    I called Apple (1-800-SOS-APPL) and they sent me a replacement for about $17. I still have them both...