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That is just the tip of the iceberg. Reading the "how to add an episode" section was a bit confusing.  Basically, I want to add a new episode to my podcast, but when I click on my feed, I can see it in Chrome, but can't edit any of the data. Also, not quite sure how adding an item works.  Not to mention the title and such things are not the way I want them to appear, but one bridge at a time


My feed BTW is:




and my URL is:





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    The feed URL you give redirects to http://kaufmak.wordpress.com/category/podcasts/feed/ which is the URL being used by iTunes. This feed has only the one episode in it, that of 15 February, and that shows in the Store and when subscribing.


    You are creating your feed in Wordpress: so if you have added an episode there you haven't taken  whatever steps are necessary to get it into the feed - I'm afraid I can't advise on WordPress. You can only edit description and other data in WordPress; Chrome will allow you to examine the feed but not edit it.

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    Thanks Roger! I think there are some places on Wordpress to investigate as well but it is good to know about Chrome and its limitations.