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Until the weekend my iMessages synced between iphone and MacBook Air, but from Monday I have been sending and receiving iMessgaes from my phone which never arrive at the MacBook.  I didn't get the iOS upgrade till yesterday so it's not that, and haven't knowingly made any other changes over the weekend.  I've checked both setups and both are syncing using my phone number plus 3 email addresses.


Can anyone tell me how to fix it please?

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Numbers 09 v2.2
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    Associate your mobile number with your Apple ID, if you haven't already done so:

    Apple - My Apple ID

    Sign out of iMessage on the Mac:

    Messages Preferences ▹ Accounts ▹ Sign out

    Sign out on the iPhone

    Settings Messages Send & Receive Apple ID ▹ Sign out

    Then, on the phone, tap Use Your Apple ID for iMessage.

    Sign back into iMessage on both devices and test.

    Credit for this solution to ASC user SmittyLove and to Glenn Fleishman of tidbits.com.

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    Unfortunately this didn't fix it - any more ideas please?

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    Ah - finally started working again although signed out & back in again about nine hours ago.


    Thank you if it was that which fixed it!