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Hi There,


I am trying to set up a network printer on a MacBook Pro for a friend. The printer is a few years old and isn't wireless, so I have to go through an older iMac that is connected directly to the printer via USB. While I'm able to add the printer on the MacBook Pro, I can only get it to print when I have it configured as a "Generic Postscript Printer," and not when I select the printer driver from the "Select printer from list" area. The printer is an Epson Stylus Photo R1900. When I attempt to print when the network printer is configured via selecting the printer's name from a list, the print queue tells me that the computer is searching for the printer. When I use the GutenPrint option from the list, the data is sent to the printer, the queue says that the page is printing, but the printer itself doesn't respond in any way.


The only way to get the MacBook to print over the network is via the Generic Postscript Printer option. Unfortunately, this option doesn't allow my friend to configure her prints in photoshop/etc. as she'd like to (paper size, color, quality, etc.)


How do I get the printer to work over the network using Epson's drivers?



OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), OSX 10.4 on old iMac, EpsonSP R1900