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My G4 iBook (ox10.4) goes into target mode but my Mac mini (10.8.2) will not see it. I have an firewire adapter from 400 to 800. I have a G5 that sees it just fine, so it is not a connection problem unless it is the Mac mini's port. Ideas?

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Seems either the port, the TB->FW adapter, or the FW800/400 adapter.


    Then sometimes with Laptops, the cable has to be unplugged & replugged once up in t mode.

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    I took it to the Apple store and they ran diagnostics on it. The logic board is defective and the Firewire port does not work. That's tha last time I buy a computer off of Ebay. The previous owner had contacted Apple about the problem 2 years before. Now he claims I broke it. It's in dispute at the moment. All this just to deal with Intuits products and practices. I would urge people to stay away from their products simply on the grounds of their business practices. (I had to upgrade my computer to use Turbo tax. I had to upgrade to quicken 2007, the most recent full version. The problem is 2007 will not read 2004 files. Rediculous.)

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    Sorry to hear, but good work finding the problem... & good luck!