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Finally upgraded from my old iPhone 3GS to iPhone 5 but now it won't pair with my Jabra SP5050.  I've followed the Jabra instructions but my phone just won't find it.  Are they incompatible?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2
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    try making the iphone3gs forget the headset and then put it in pairing mode once more and try again

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    Interesting.  I tried your suggestion - got the 3GS to forget the Jabra SP5050 - but still no luck pairing with the iPhone 5. I successfully paired the Jabra again with the 3GS, so that combo definitely works.  I googled the troubleshooting/faq full user manual for the Jabra and found that you can make it forget any pairings by pressing and holding the volume up and volume down together with the answer/end button for 7 seconds.  I did that and then tried pairing the Jabra with the iPhone 5 and success!