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help Please!


I've tried updating my iphone4s over the air (via wi-fi) and it didnt work, so i connected it to my hp laptop tp update via itunes to update it to ios6.1.2.


It advised me to backup my phone and started the update.


now, my phone is stuck in recovery mode and will not restore, with error 36 being the most frequent error popping up. Also errors 11, 9 and 3014 popped up during the multiple times i tried to update my phone.


i've tried the soft reboot of my iphone, turning off my firewall, restarting my computer, updating all the programs which need to be updated such as the computer and itunes, unistalling and reinstalling iTunes. NONE OF THESE WORK.


i've contacted apple which referred me back to microsoft to check ports 80 and 443.


still stuck with no solutions! help!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.2