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Not sure if this is the right community to ask this in but if you could help me I'd appreciate it.


I have a iMac 5 1, duo core 2 duo with 3 1/2 gigs of RAM.  I recently did a targe disk mode transfer of files and folders from my mac book laptop.  Mostly because I wanted the software (Creative suite, capture one, etc ...)  My computer has slowed down noticeably since then.  But what worries me more is the possibility that as a result of the target disk mode I copied a lot of "junk", like .plists scripts that either don't work or don't need to be running, or junk on my local storage.  I tried my best to clean off a lot of this stuff, and even did a repair disk permisions (there were a lot of permissions that needed to be repaired quite naturally).  Well anyway I bought the 10.7.4 Lion upgrade from the app store.  I'm wondering, would it benefit me to do a "clean" install either by partitioning my disk or using a bootable USB.  Or an erase and install.  Will doing either erase my software and will doing it clean out my HD at all.



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    Erase and install will erase everything on your hard drive, all applications and all data.  Before doing the installation it would be best to have an external drive to backup the contents of your internal, startup drive.  That way if you do a clean install and loose anything you can bring it back.

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    Please note that your 3 GB of RAM is not going to result in a good experience with Lion as it is a bit of a memory hog and 4 GB is a realistic minimum.


    As for copying your applications from one Mac to another: have you made sure that they are compatible? And, do they require more RAM than what you have? Using something like Creative Suite, I would suggest more than 4 GB RAM.


    I don't know which version you have, but here are the requirements for v. 6:




    (Note: 8 GB RAM recommended)