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Not sure if this is the right community to ask this in but if you could help me I'd appreciate it.


I have a iMac 5 1, duo core 2 duo with 3 1/2 gigs of RAM.  I recently did a targe disk mode transfer of files and folders from my mac book laptop.  Mostly because I wanted the software (Creative suite, capture one, etc ...)  My computer has slowed down noticeably since then.  But what worries me more is the possibility that as a result of the target disk mode I copied a lot of "junk", like .plists scripts that either don't work or don't need to be running, or junk on my local storage.  I tried my best to clean off a lot of this stuff, and even did a repair disk permisions (there were a lot of permissions that needed to be repaired quite naturally).  Well anyway I bought the 10.7.4 Lion upgrade from the app store.  I'm wondering, would it benefit me to do a "clean" install either by partitioning my disk or using a bootable USB.  Or an erase and install.  Will doing either erase my software and will doing it clean out my HD at all.



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