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We'd like to share purchases on the same device.

iPod nano, Windows 7
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    Ipod nano can only be sync to one iTunes account, otherwise you will delete all the files in it. Sync your ipod to same account and select "manually manage music and videos" to customize the files to be synced. Cheers!

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    Thank you bongzki_02. That is what I thought but was hoping that I was overlooking a way to do it. I thought perhaps the *Family Share* option had something to accommodate this type of need.


    I know Apple is diligent about piracy/file sharing etc but they really should find a way for a household to share media and devices. I know their business $ woudl take a hit but it's ridiculous (in my opinion) to be so uptight and prohibitive that we can't collaborate with our immediate family.


    I guess there still some advantages to CD's and physical books - I can share it with those in my house without being impeded by a company's $ first business practice:/


    Starting to better understand Tim Wu's ominous concerns regarding Apple.