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I have a Macbook Air 13 inch MC965LL/A that appears to have an issue with the alt/option keys being permanently activated so all keys type like so(Ω˜≈µ˚ß∆).

Besides the funky typing the only other reason I know these keys are activated is because of the keyboard viewer in the settings shows me what keys are being pressed. Whats interesting is that both alt/option keys are being shown activated so I can't pinpoint if it is one or the other. I tryed pulling both keys off and found absolutely no dirt or grim. This computer has never been abused or dropped but suddenly started acting up one day. Does anyone know what could be the issue here?

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    I figured out my issue upon removing the alt/option key on the right side of the keyboard. I noticed that the thin like filament wire connecting to the key was severed in half underneath the plastic protection. I have absolutely have no idea how this happened, but I can assure that it is the issue. If anyone has advice on changing a keyboard out or knows what it would cost this would be much appreciated.