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Hi all, i want to start making podcast. But I have a really preocupant question, I am a dj and I want mix song of some artist and my own songs, so is legal use songs of other artist that have copyright? can I use it without a permission? please help me. Thanks

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    Contact a lawyer.  "Without permission" tends to attract lawsuits if put in public domain.  We are just user and our advice is useless in a courtroom.

  • Robert Walch Level 4 (1,705 points)

    Simple answer is NO


    You can not use any RIAA music in a podcast PERIOD.


    There are not licenses to fully cover podcasting as a podcast is a download and in the eyes of the law it is a mechanical copy. 


    So do not put any music you do not have the copyrights to - or that which is not specifically listed as "podsafe music"


    Google "podsafe music" for more info.


    Rob W