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Got my THIRD iPod shuffle; downloaded lastest iTunes; restarted computer (Windows 7); plug it into USB- DOESN'T BRING UP iTunes!! Manually open it- Computer runs REEEEEEAAAAALLLLLL SLLLLLOOOOOOOOWW..........finally tries to find iPod and error 2005 comes up: can't figure it out!!! Windows finds error defects every time I plug it in too............


***????????? I don't have the time to screw around with this so many times!!!!!! Everything else on my computer works fine!!!



ANY ideas????????




iPod shuffle
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    Google Error 2005, someone has used a jailbroken device on your computer and you need to change the host file. Apparently it is causing other problems on your computer as keys appear to be sticking.

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    Not to my knowledge!!!! (and this is my private computer). My son bought the original from a WalMart in Hawaii; the second and third units came from the local Apple store (four trips so far).

    Not sure what you mean by "host file"- where would I find that??

    What "keys" are you referring to- keyboard keys???




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    Like I said, Google that error message and you can find how to search for entries in the host file.


    Yes I was referring to your keyboard keys...they did it again, there are three question marks in a row in this reply.

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    WOW- sorry about the "google" part- missed that.

    Just plugged into another USB on my computer and VOILA!!!!!!!! Drag and drop like a king!!!!


    thanks- that was too simple........feel like an idiot (and those exclamation points are intentional!!)


    Jeff :-)