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Can anyone please help.  I can usually hold my own when it comes to basic IT but i'm flummoxed :-(


I was prompted to download the 11.0.2 update last night, which I did.  Tonight I plugged my phone in and it was fine to begin with then I noticed that my phone appeared to be shutting down followed by the image prompt on my screen to plug my cable into itunes.  I then went through the following:


Itunes recognises my phone but come up 'iPhone Recovery Mode' I get an error box which says 'iTunes has detected an iphone in recovery mode.  You must restore this iPhone before it can used with iTunes'.  I don't appear to have any other option so click 'Ok' and then click 'Restore iPhone'. 


I then get another box with iPhone Software Update 'Contacting the iPhone software update server' followed by

iTunes box asking me if i'm sure I want to restore the iPhone etc etc.  I click 'Restore and Update'

My iphone then seems to dissapear from the iTunes devices panel in iTunes. 

I then get an 'Extracting Software' progress bar followed by

'Verifying iPhone restore with Apple' which is then followed by

'The iPhone could not be restored.  An unknown error occurred (3014).  I've looked this up and it seems to be firewall connected but I've follwed the 'Enable iTunes in the Windows Firewall' help file and ensured that itunes is one of the recognised permitted programmes in my Kapersky. 


Please, please someone help.  I now have a totally useless iPhone and as an administrator with all my calendars on it, tomorrow is going to be interesting!!!! 


I'm tempted to do either a complete Windows restore back to before I did the update, or uninstall itunes and re-intall but I don't want to run the risk of loosing stuff :-(


Many, many thanks.



iPhone 4S, Windows Vista