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Have you ever travelled with your MacBook Air...intending to view a few Netflix originated Blu-Ray discs to fend off the boredom of yet-another-bland-hotel-room...only to discover the Apple SuperDrive doesn't support Blu-Ray?


What did you do? Is there a legitimate way to view Blu-Ray discs on an Air? Are there reliable 3rd-party drives/software available?


Your suggestions are invited.



Plane Wryter

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I solved this problem when I bought an external USB 2.0 Samsung Blu-Ray Reader/Writer and combined it with the Mac Blu-ray player (found here). The software does not show menus, but can play the feature film without problems. I use it with my MacBook Air and my Mac Mini. Works like a charm.

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    Step 1: Connect the Blu-ray drive to the MacBook Air via the USB interface

    Step 2: Get the MacBook Air Blu-ray Player

    Step 3: Install and run MacBook Air Blu-ray Player software on your MacBook Air

    Step 4: Play Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray ISO file, BDMV folder on MacBook Air

    Insert your BD into the Blu-ray driver and MacBook Air Blu-ray Player software will load and the BD will be played automatically.

    Otherwise, you can press "Open Disc" button to select BDMV folder or press "Open File" button to choose Blu-ray ISO file to play.

    Finally, you can have a great Blu-ray fun on your MacBook Air.

    By the way, you can change it into full-screen mode, which will bring you into a more fantastic Blu-ray media world.

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    1. MacBook Air.

    2. An internal or external Blu-ray drive: USB ≥ 2.0 or FireWire ≥ 400.

    3. Blu-ray Player software(UFUWare Mac Blu-ray Player): Blu-ray discs are encoded with programming beyond that of a normal DVD, so you must have proper software on your Mac that decodes it properly for the movie to play and a third-party software that allows an external Blu-ray player to communicate with your MacBook Air.

    4. Internet connection.

    5. Blu-ray discs (BD).


    Then read this guide to play Blu-ray on MacBook Air.