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When I try to stream HBO Go or Amazon Instant Video from my Ipad to my Apple TV, the image starts then stops and states, "Watching videos with AirPlay or through HDMI isn't currently available with this app." Then, the sound comes through the television but no video. I just purchased the Apple TV and am using an iPad 2. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Some app developers don't allow their app to be used with air play, I don't have them myself but believe HBO and Amazon Instant are two suh apps.  No user fix I am aware of and it is the app developer issue not apple.





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    Thank you, Jules. I thought I saw an ad recently about how HBO Go does support AirPlay now. Rather unfortunate bc those are my two primary places that I stream shows.

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    Yes HBO have removed the AirPlay restriction in their most recent update.

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    I seem to have the same problem. I'm using the updated HBO Go app which allows airplay, but only get audio and when trying to turn on mirroring as a solution I get this message "We're sorry, but HBO GO does not currently support HDMI video out from this device. We hope to offer this capability in the future." Any ideas why? It works with the YouTube app just fine.

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    I've read you have to have iOS 6 on your device to support video as well as audio.

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    Oh, do you remember where you read that? I contacted HBO GO and they suggested uninstalling/rebotig/reinstalling etc, but that made no difference. They also suggested updating the devices (Apple TV and iPad), ATV is up-to-date, but we aren't thrilled with the feedback about iOS 6 so not very keen to update the iPad so we can use airplay on an app which has been made available for iOS 5 devices. If it doesn't work on iOS 5, then it shouldn't be in the store for iOS 5 devices. Right?

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    In regard to your question, " If it doesn't work on iOS 5, then it shouldn't be in the store for iOS 5 devices. Right?"

    The apps general purpose is to enable you to view content on the device. AirPlay compatibility is a secondary feature and was only recently added in Feb this year. So, making the app available to iOS 5 users makes sense.


    The post I read specifically mentioned the problem of hearing audio but not seeing video via AirPlay that was resolved by upgrading the devices to iOS 6.

    Unfortunately I ran across this thread while going through the Apple forums here trying to resolve the issue of the Airplay button suddenly not being available on any of my devices (a router reboot was the resolution btw). It was a pretty common result of every google search I tried so it shouldn't be hard to find.


    I understand your hesitation to upgrade to iOS 6. I've held at 6.0 myself, which works fine, but 6.1 and 6.2 seem more trouble than benefit.

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    Yeah I guess it requires the ATV and the iPad to be using the same OS for airplay in their app to work. Don't know why other apps work though. Anyways with Roku 3 none of this is an issue since they have the HBO GO app integrated.